This month I will be sharing Rachael’s fibromyalgia story. Rachael story shows how strong of a person she is.

I was 14 when I started experiencing symptoms. I had a cyst on my ovary and after that burst the trauma induced more heavy symptoms of my fibromyalgia.
My first symptoms were tender aches and spasms in my lower back.The pain gradually built up and I experienced episodes of pain in my legs and back that lead me to visit A&E on a regular basis. This made me miss loads of school and college as the diagnosis wasn’t found until four and a half years after my initial symptoms.
I saw a kinesiologist after years with the NHS and slowly started to feel better.My condition fluctuated often and after feeling better I started experiencing new symptoms months later.
I began to suffer insomnia and I got pins and needles at least 5 times a day and still struggle with this.
My legs and arms cramped up often and it really was debilitating for a year or more.
I still suffer with these symptoms today but they aren’t as frequentI looked at my eating / dfiet and that helped a lot getting day to day with the pain.
I always have pain in my back specifically lower back and get cramps in my abdomen as well as legs and hands.
I’m just beginning to learn much more about my condition and am making a conscious effort to do low intensity aerobic exercises which make all the difference.

I battled with severe fibromyalgia throughout my school years and managed to obtain a place a university.
As a writer it’s difficult withMy hands camping often but I’m working through it.
Still a way to go with my development and managing of my fibro but I’m confident I will find a good balance.

Thank you so much Rachael for sharing you story.                                                               Rachael’s instagram –     @MissTurquand   Rachael’s twitter –   @MissTurquand

If you would like to share your fibromyalgia story with myfibrofitness direct message me on instagram,@myfibrofitness. You can also email me at


One thought on “Rachael’s fibromyalgia story

  1. So sorry you were hit with this unkind health condition at such a young age, Rachel. I know insomnia and the pins and needles can make day-to-day living difficult. Much respect to you for pushing on and continuing your education. I know it’s not as easy as it sounds. Good luck to you. 😉


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