This month I will be sharing Shoya’s fibromyalgia story. Shoya’s story shows how far she has come. Shoya helps others by talking about the stigmas attached to fibromyalgia, mental health  and other related conditions.                                                                                                                 I couldn’t tell you when it exactly happened. The day I woke up sick and never got better. Things tend to happen in transition but I was suffering from joint pain, back pain, heat intolerance, I couldn’t stand (or sit for that matter) for too long. After standing for long periods of time my ankles would ache. Long drives became excruciating. And the CFS made me a zombie. I was miserable all the time, and I was trying so hard to be normal and Productive. But even my efforts were apparently thwarted because co workers and family and friends called me lazy, and crazy. Everything was my fault. I either didn’t eat right, or didn’t exercise. It was something. I was livid that there was this believable narrative that I actually wanted to be this miserable this young! I was only in my 20s I had goals, & dreams, and I couldn’t find the means to even get out of bed.                                                                                                         After being fired from my third job, I decided to take life back into my hands. I been in and out of doctors. I’ve been diagnosed with low vitamin D, high calcium levels, spinal degenerative disorder, scoliosis, positive lupus then we hit Fibromyalgia which is what I figured they called a chronic pain condition they couldn’t understand. I was on all these pills and I was still miserable. I still take certain medications, the ones with the lowest side effects. Everything else I approach holistically.                                                                                                                               I decided to create my own business/Brand that used writing and graphic art To inspire conversations attacking the stigma associated with chronic pain conditions like Fibromyalgia and mental illnesses often associated with them. I know who I am. I refuse to allow society to define me by my circumstance or paint me as one of the crazy ones and walk away & leave me to rot. No — my goal in life is now to turn my pain into my purpose. I hope to inspire others to do the same.                                                                                  Shoya’s webpage is:           She also has a store  Shoya’s instagram @eleventwenty2thirty3                           Her personal Instagram is @loveshoyz                                                                              If you would like to share your fibromyalgia story with myfibrofitness direct message me on instagram,@myfibrofitness. You can also email me at


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