This month I will be sharing Alyssa fibromyalgia story. Alussa story shows her experience and how she copes.                                                                                                                                                           My fibro story is probably very different than others. I am now 24 and I have been a fibro worrier since I was 19. I’ve always been in a “fog” and I’ve always had an achey body. However it didn’t get really bad until 2012. There was a blizzard/thunderstorm and I could hardly move. My vision was blurred and I felt like I had been hit by a truck. This lasted for a few days and then I noticed my hands were swollen and turning blue. I then went to the doctor. After a long q&a. I was checked for fibromyalgia. I had 11/13 of the “trigger points”. I still struggle daily with this pain, and have tried a cornucopia of medication cocktails. With exorcise and cbd oil, I get by. It has definitely changed my life.                                                                                                    If you would like to share your fibromyalgia story with myfibrofitness direct message me on instagram,@myfibrofitness. You can also email me


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